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Who is Billy Sixes



Billy Sixes was created for everyday people to satisfy cravings for freedom, individuality and the right attitude to fuel dreams.





Founded on the east coast of Australia by a few close mates, Billy Sixes was born as an alter ego to escape the prison of conformity. Billy scaled the walls in broad daylight and ran off into the sunset. We’re all caught up in societal expectations and Billy wants to free the people. Follow your heart, defy logic and be whoever you want to be.

Starve the ego, feed the soul.


We stand for personal freedom in all its forms. Pursue whatever it is that lights your fire, get out there and burn it to the ground. The world needs people who have come alive. Tell your boss to beat it, ride fast, take risks, choose whatever road you wish to take and enjoy every last minute of it, because life is way too precious to spend it doing anything other than whatever it is that you love to do.