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Who is billy sixes safari


Our story began in the same place most big dreams begin, in the garage of a suburban home in Sydney, screen printing our designs onto blank AS Colour Tshirts. On one side of the garage was a computer desk, a clothes rack and a bench for packing orders. On the other side of the garage was a gleaming puddle of oil below a half built Harley Davidson.

Unlike most big dreams this one actually left the oil fumes of the garage behind. We travelled overseas and began designing and manufacturing our own garments from scratch. We setup a retail store in Cronulla and spent our days working the counter, riding choppers through the Natio and throwing parties for our mates.

Eventually we outgrew the Cronulla store and we moved into our current home in Kirrawee which has become the foundation for a growing community of like minded businesses. Sharing the building with Nuckleheads Cafe, Steve’s Custom Cycles and Spread Cheese Fabrications who together make up a killer chopper shop and fast food pit stop.

That is the story so far, and we're still only in third gear...

 Founded by

Dylan (Fricks) Fricker, Jye (Disko) Dance and Karim (Mooby) Mouahbi


Choppers Forever


Traditional biker culture grew out of San Francisco in the decades following WW2. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw the Chopper and Hot Rod scenes explode across America and the development of some of the world’s most famous motorcycle clubs. People felt the need to break away from the rigidity of society which fuelled the growth and notoriety of these underground sub-cultures.

The general attitude was to have the most fun you possibly could, live life the way you wanted and not do what you’re told. To do whatever you want to do.

Billy Sixes Safari is on a mission to keep these values and traditions alive in the modern era.




 Vintage Inspired Clothing


The products we create are inspired by designs and insignia spanning the last 80 years. Just like the products of the past, we source only the highest quality fabrics which are then crafted by hand into the products you see here.
Each garment is washed and distressed by hand to give it a uniquely pre-loved feel, just like a real vintage find.