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 Founded by

Fricks - Disko - Mooby


Our story began in the same place many begin; in the garage of a suburban home in Sydney. On one side of the garage was a clothes rack, a computer desk and a bench for packing orders - on the other side of the garage was a gleaming puddle of oil below a half built Harley Davidson.

Unlike most stories this one eventually left the oil fumes of the garage behind.




Who is billy sixes and why's he on safari?

When an unstoppable force meets an immovable object - they join forces.

Billy Sixes Safari was born as two separate brands. Safari Disko Club & Billy Sixes. Once upon a time they met and decided they could compete, or they could work together. I suppose you can guess which option we chose.



Timeless, Vintage Inspired Clothing

The products we create are inspired by designs and insignia spanning the last 80 years. Just like the products of the past, we source only the highest quality fabrics which are then crafted by hand into the products you see here.


Each garment is washed and distressed by hand to give it a uniquely pre-loved feel, just like a real vintage find.

If our garments end up on the racks of vintage stores in the future, to be re-worn by our children's generation - then we'll know we've done our job properly.

Buy less, buy quality and take care of your clothing.






Choppers Forever


Traditional biker culture grew out of San Francisco in the decades following WW2. The 1950’s and 1960’s saw the Chopper and Hot Rod scenes explode across America and the development of some of the world’s most infamous motorcycle clubs. People felt the need to break away from the rigidity of society which fuelled the growth and notoriety of these underground sub-cultures.

The general attitude was to have the most fun you possibly could, live life the way you wanted and to never do what you’re told.

Billy Sixes Safari is working to keep these values and traditions alive. We encourage independent thinking and support having the most fun you possibly can. Life isn't meant to be taken seriously - nobody gets out alive.