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February 20, 2018

The Billy Sixes Team went to the Mudgee Meltdown for a weekend full of dust, drag racing, choppers and nudity. Check out all the action below!



There's a secret land west of Sydney where a group of motorcycle enthusiasts gather once a year for a weekend of drinking and drag racing. There aren't many rules at the Mudgee Meltdown and there's no local authority to shut down the party. Welcome to the wild west! 



Old Harley's don't behave themselves at the best of times and there was plenty of drama on the ride between Sydney and Mudgee including crashes, breakdowns and broken parts. Some bikes made the distance, others weren't so lucky, however, in a swift seven hours we all made it to our destination locked and loaded with enough beer and petrol to survive the apocalypse of a weekend to come.



Once camp is setup the rest of the weekend is a fast paced blur of adrenalin, alcohol and roaring engines. The drag strip opened for business early on Saturday morning and an eclectic mix of choppers took to the line. There were all sorts of makes and models from classic Panhead's to chopped Yamaha's although the field was as you'd expect dominated by Harley Davidson.



It's no secret that bikers know how to have fun and the party lived up to the hype! The event saw motorcycle enthusiasts from all corners of the scene come together, get roudy as hell, and have a bloody good time riding their bikes in the dirt!