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October 25, 2017

By Angus Young



Spectators flock to the track in the thousands, burnt rubber kissing their nostrils while babes float around handing out freebies- I was deep in the pits- being taken through by the Yamaha team, where we awaited the impending 27 laps of fury, speed and glory.


During the final hours before the riders were out on the starting grid, plans were being revised and rehearsed by all the teams. Rossi, Marquez, Dovizioso, Lorenzo and Vinales were focussed on the race ahead and ready to do battle with some of the fastest riders in the world! Team Yamaha had me come backstage and gave me an insight into the tactful strategy that ebbs and flows on the racetrack.



The repetitive long hours that every professional rider has gone through; the endless time spent revising each and every corner; the blood, sweat and tears that every racer and team have to go through was all coming to a pinnacle moment as the countdown was on.
The atmosphere was fueled with eager fans glued to the strips of the track, hoping to get a glimpse of their favourite riders. Burnt fuel and fast food filled the air as the MotoGP riders had been tuning, running practise laps and finely tuning their deadly-fast motorbikes.
Watching the greatest riders on earth cornering at a 64 degree angle; some audaciously attempted double-overtakes with just millimetres to spare and reaching a top speed of up to 344 Kph, all desperate to summit the pinnacle: accepting the winner’s trophy at the Phillip Island Grand Prix Circuit. It was a thrilling ‘edge of your seat’ experience as the riders seemed to exchange positions in a matter of seconds, constantly fighting to get in front of the next rider. For some it was personal: catching the rider ahead that their previous sponsor and team represented. For others it was a childhood dream driving them to push themselves to the next level, in some cases resulting in near crashes. Regardless to say every rider had their own motivation.



Before I could blink an eye the 120km race was over. Considerably close calls and rubs were exchanged resulting in Marc Marquez (Honda) taking the pole position. Marquez, flying around the final corner, could see the finish line in his sights as he ripped back the throttle and threw both arms in the air. A great pump of excitement as he passed the checkered flag!

Swiftly coming up behind Marquez, Andrea Dovisioso (Ducati) placed in second, Maverick Vinales (Yamaha)  in third and Valentino Rossi (Yamaha) in fourth.

One simple mistake or incorrect approach into a corner could have cost either of their positions.



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