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February 22, 2017


Here at Billy Sixes we love pretty bikes, but what we love even more is seeing pretty bikes being used for what they were built for. Well in this case a little more than what they were built for... This build has barely been finished long enough for the paint to dry and Trappy's out frying the brand new tyre like a champion.

Two weeks ago he high sided the bike and broke everything on the right hand side. Now to most people this would be devastating but fast forward one week later and it's completely rebuilt including custom pipes welded by Trappy himself, custom seat and a killer paint job to match! This thing is a real piece of eye candy and it gets ridden harder than your mum did on her birthday. Scroll down for full gallery...


Motorcycle: Harley Davidson Forty Eight
Owner: James Trapp
Photographer: Dylan Fricker
Location: Daylesford, Victoria