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December 19, 2017


It’s been around 150 years since the motorcycle first sparked the ignition on a legion of thrill seekers. Over the decades it has gone from an engine slapped on a bicycle to an eclectic mix of metal and leather, tyres and chains, and of course: ultimate badassdom. We’re gonna take you on a trip down freedom lane, with each unique make and model providing countless miles of happiness and serenity.

Harley-Davidson 1903-1904




Harley Davidson is cool. The ripped jeans, leather jackets, laidback design and carefree attitude has made this brand something to be desired. The first model was released in 1903 and the brand has gone on to become a household name. Harley originated in Milwaukee, Wisconsin and over the years has gained a religious following, with many HOG (Harley Owners Group) clubs and events worldwide.





Although a family name in origin, Ducati is now a synonym for speed and power. Founded in 1926 by the Italian Ducati family, they began to produce motorcycles in 1950, having previously sold just the engines and electronics. It’s currently owned by Lamborghini and the Volkswagen Group, which has allowed for continual improvements and a futuristic feel.





The ’beamer’ is well known around the world, for both motorcycles and cars. This German powerhouse initially made aircraft engines around the time of WW1. In 1923 their first motorcycle was released, going on over the decades to survive war and near bankruptcy. Today BMW is worth an estimated 57.7 billion dollars.



The marketing gurus at Triumph decided to combine their motorcycles with a full clothing and accessory range, as well as use celebrities in their campaigns and models. Triumph Motorcycles Ltd was technically established in 1984, but has grassroots in British company Triumph Engineering, who pioneered the way from their late 19th century bicycles, upwards.



 Indian is the perfect example of American muscle with finesse! Although the initial company went bankrupt in 1953, the brand stayed alive over the decades as it passed through various hands. In 2011 it was purchased by Polaris Industries, who have managed to produce a very persuasive style: vintage characteristics like tan leather bags and a broad storage space, with modern technology like heated seats and grips.